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Make your Ceremony, Celebration or Event different.

Bodas temáticas, camareros infiltrados, animadores

Video Gift: Present an original video, a comic clip based on a person’s life, with music, pictures, animations, voice impressions… a gift of a whole life, direct to the heart.

 Undercover actors : Surprise and make laugh with an undercover professional actor at a dinner, wedding, bachelor party, etc.  We offer different characters to create funny situations, with everything staying under control at any given moment.

 Horror Passage: A terrifying tour suitable for any location, in which attendants will have fun with zombies, witches, vampires, wolves.. Your choice.

Live Music: Professional and qualified musicians of the highest quality. We provide you with a wide repertoire and a range of possibilities to chose from, from one musician to a symphonic orchestra and a chorus. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and find the best option to suit your event and budget. 

Personajes infiltrados

Fantasy weddings: If you are looking for a different and original ceremony, let your fantasy fly and we will make your dream come true. Hard rock weddings, Ibiza theme, medieval, hippy, cowboy, prehistoric… perhaps you want your celebrant to be Elvis, Marquis de Sade, Julius Cesar… Just tell us and we can make it happen.

 Stand up comedians: a wide range of great comedians for every budget, famous or unknown but absolutely guaranteed fun at any event, corporate dinner, etc.

 Impro theatre: Improvisation show in wich you will be able to participate, chose the subject, and join the acting team. Be adventurous, immerse yourself!

  Team-building events: gymkhana, treasure hunt, adventure trail, musical group coaching and team building.

 Educational children’s concerts: Fun and quality shows for kids to enjoy music and learn. The quality of our shows is guaranteed and approved by Madrid Council for Schools.

 Theatre for life or Corporate theatre: a range of workshops based on coaching and dramatic art techniques to develop personal skills and capacity

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