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Boda Civil Ceremonia de celebracion Hotel silken Puerta de América Madrid

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Ceremonia de celebracion de boda civil el el Hotel silken Puerta de América en Madrid con guion personalizado. Www.maestrodeceremonias.es #bodaadomicilio #bodacivilmadrid #tubodaenmadrid #ceremoniasconencanto #ceremoniasimbólica

Boda Civil Ceremonia de celebracion Hotel Silken Puerta de América Madrid


The Silken Puerta América is an idea of freedom realised, a meeting place where different cultures and ways of interpreting architecture and design come together. This hotel on Avenida de América is a project that breaks new ground by using different colours, materials and shapes. A 5-star hotel that introduces guests to bold, innovative spaces, very different from the norm.

The Silken Puerta América is a place that invites visitors to dream. A unique project that has brought together nineteen of the best architect and designer studios in the world and has three Pritzker prizes, the Nobel of architecture. Each floor proposes a different room concept and they all use different materials, colours and shapes to create spaces that bring together the best of design and modern architecture.

Designer rooms with their own personality

The rooms at the Silken Puerta América have all kinds of luxuries that encourage visitors to seek new ways to interact with them, touching, seeing and even breathing and smelling. They spread across 12 different floors, which are 12 different ways of understanding architecture and design. A unique hotel in the world.

A romantic hotel with great deals

The Silken Puerta América has a number of deals so that visitors have the opportunity to experience Madrid in the best way possible. It is a fantastic opportunity for couples, because this designer hotel could be classified as romantic thanks to the many details of its different floors.

Luxury restaurant: Lágrimas Negras

This 5-star hotel in Madrid has a restaurant according to its category of luxury: the Lágrimas Negras, whose cuisine is inspired by the kitchens of Lasarte by the 7-Michelin star Martín Berasategui. There are many dishes enjoyed by diners at this exclusive restaurant and they are never indifferent to the majesty they find on their plates.

Spectacular function rooms

Our hotel on Avenida de América has a number of highly equipped function rooms, with an excellent service and a design out of the ordinary, making it an excellent choice for meetings, corporate events, conferences and other business events.

Hotel with pool and terrace in Madrid

The Silken Puerta América has a roof terrace designed by the famous architect Jean Nouvel, where guests can find all kind of luxury and incredible details. The terrace is not all the hotel’s services offer; they include a fantastic heated pool, a gym, free parking and a perfect place to enjoy a drink and relax after a long day of sightseeing or business in Madrid.

Excellent location between the quarters of Chamartín and Salamanca

The hotel is located on Chamartín side of Avenida de América. It is well connected and also runs a shuttle service to the airport. Its location, near the quarter of Salamanca, makes it great for touring Madrid, business meetings and any other entertainment option in the city.

The best weddings in Madrid

The function rooms, design, colours and service make the rooms of the Silken Puerta América the best choice for weddings in Madrid. The hotel has an expert team of wedding planners that will help you so you leave no stone unturned in the most important day of your life.

Boda Civil Ceremonia de celebracion Hotel Silken Puerta de América Madrid

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